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    LEGO Classic Large Creative Brick Box Set 10698

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    LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box Set 10696

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    LEGO Classic Basic Brick Set 11002

  • Reg. $16.99

    LEGO Classic Creative Bricks Set 10692

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    LEGO Classic Bricks and Ideas 11001

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    LEGO Classic Blue Baseplate 10714


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LEGO Classic Sets for All Ages

The LEGO brand values imagination, creativity, fun, and learning. Classic LEGO sets, with large varieties of blocks & building materials, are designed to inspire open-ended creativity! Whatever you can imagine, you can build with a LEGO set. Kohl's has an amazing assortment of classic LEGO toy sets for people of all ages!

Getting started with LEGO building is easy! The first thing you'll want to pick up is a LEGO base. LEGO baseplates are perfect as a blank canvas for your LEGO creations. Next you'll need LEGO box sets like this LEGO suitcase. With over 200 pieces, this set will allow you to build whatever your mind can think up. We have LEGO sets for toddlers, teens, young adults to grandparents. The amazing thing about LEGOs is how timeless they are. LEGO sets are a fun, creative activity just about anyone will enjoy. No matter your age you'll love creating with LEGOs!

Look to Kohl's for all your classic LEGO set needs!