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Gift Supplies

Life is busy and a lot of times we don't remember birthdays until we glance at our calendars or get a notification on social media! Don't scramble to run to the store for a card or gift wrapping. The next time you're at Kohl's pick up some gift supplies so you're always stocked when birthdays surprise you!

Having a collection of birthday cards on hand will save you both time and energy. It will be much more efficient for you to let your kid pick from a small handful of cards you already have than to stand in front of hundreds of options at the store when you need to get to a birthday party. You can't go wrong with Hallmark birthday cards for kids. Birthday present wrapping paper and gift bags also also essential. Keep an assortment of different sizes in varying color themes or characters. We have a ton of great gift wrap for kids, like this awesome Star Wars gift wrap. Finish off your gift supplies arsenal with some tissue paper, ribbon, and bows & you are all set!

Let Kohl's take the stress out of birthday surprises by stocking you with all gift supplies you need!