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Women's Keds Shoes

The Women's Sneaker Brand

Keds got its start back in 1916. The idea was to make canvas shoes designed for women. Keds has kept up that promise all the way through today, where they make stylish canvas sneakers for the modern woman. These high quality shoes are made with wearability in mind. From time to time women's shoes fall prey to avant garde fashion trends that make them difficult to wear, but Keds has a different philosophy: make shoes that she'll want to wear. Featuring the classic skate shoe style, boat shoes, slip ons, and even rain boots, Keds knows what their customers want.

Wearing Your Keds

Women's fashion is quite fluid with many casual pieces being acceptable for business casual attire and vice versa. This same thing applies to shoes, and Keds knows this. They make shoes that can be worn with just about anything, with the exception of business professional dress. So, the big question is how and when should you wear your new pair of Keds?

That's easy: just about all the time.

But honestly, it's not quite that easy. If you're grabbing a pair of classic sneakers or slip ons you'll want to wear them with jeans and your favorite top, or a casual dress. These shoes pair well with just about every season's staple style so you should have no issues finding a time to wear them. If you're wearing their boat shoes, they go best with business casual outfits, such as a blouse, blazer, and skirt outfit. Finally, when it comes to Keds boots, they're best for colder months and pair well with late fall or winter looks.

Other Footwear

Sometimes, you need something a little different for special occasions and weather. Below is a guide to women's dress shoes, gym shoes, and boots.

Dress shoes

When you need the perfect pair of heels you know exactly what you need. Something with just the right amount of height, stability, and style factor. Have you checked out Kohl's collection of heels and dress shoes? You can find lovely heels and pumps, dress boots, and wedges if you need some extra height. If you're looking for something a little more subtle with less lift, consider a pair of dress sandals or flats.

Gym Shoes

Working out safely requires the right footwear. Not all gym shoes are created equal, but thankfully Kohl's offers a good selection of athletic footwear to help you perform the best you can. Whether you're running the track, walking trails, or lifting weights, there's something for every day fitness activities.