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    Rowenta Everlast Anti-Calc Steam Iron

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    Rowenta DW2460 Accesssteam Cord Reel Iron

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    Shark Professional Lightweight Steam Iron

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    Rowenta Pro Master X-Cel Steam Iron

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    Rowenta Accessteam 300 Iron

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    BLACK+DECKER™ Allure Professional Steam Iron

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    BLACK+DECKER™ QuickPress Iron

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    CHI Professional Iron

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    BLACK+DECKER™ Xpress Traditional Steam Iron

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    Rowenta Freemove Cordless Iron

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    Maytag Speed Heat Iron & Vertical Steamer

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    Shark Ultimate Pro Select Steam Iron

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    CHI Retractable Cord Iron

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    PowerXL Cordless Iron & Steamer

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    Hamilton Beach Durathon Non-Stick Electronic Iron with Retractable Cord

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    Rowenta Focus Excel Steam Iron

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    Hamilton Beach Durathon Electronic Nonstick Iron

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    SteamFast Home & Away Mini Steam Iron

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    CHI Retractable Cord Iron

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    Hamilton Beach Durathon Electronic Nonstick Iron & Retractable Cord

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    CHI Electronic Iron

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    Pure Enrichment DryStone Reusable Moisture-Absorbing Stone

Types of Irons & Features

It's getting HOT in here. Check out these key features when choosing an iron:

  • Anti-calcium filter: an anti-calcium (anti-calc) filter helps prevent mineral buildup for lasting efficiency and can prolong the life of your iron. Irons with an auto-clean feature typically offer this feature
  • Anti-drip: This feature controls spittping and leaking from steam vents, saving fragile fabrics and garments from possible damage.
  • Anti-skid bumpers: This feature ensures stability and security when the iron is left in the upright position.
  • Auto-clean: Auto-clean prevents the buildup of minerals, lint and impurities in the steam chamber, ensuring the proper heating capabilities throughout the life of the iron.
  • Auto shut-off: Automatically shuts off the iron after an extended period of use, ensuring safety if the iron is left on accidentally.
  • Cool mist: Have a tougher fabric like denim to iron? This feature will dampen it with a cool mist, which gets out even the most stubborn wrinkles.
  • Cordless: A type of iron without a power cord, often found in steam irons, which offers maneuverability and convenience.
  • Intra-steam: A technology that delivers steam in powerful pulses to penetrate fabrics when pressing.
  • Preset temperature dial: This feature sets the correct temperature based on the fabric type you select from the built-in fabric guide. Some fabrics and blends require delicate settings, so reference the fabric care tag first.
  • Smart Steam: Automatically adjusts steam at any temperature setting for perfect results every time.


The heat plate of the iron. A wider plate lets you cover more area quickly, and a higher-quality, more durable, soleplate glides over fabrics easily, making ironing more effective.

Aluminum soleplate

This soleplate surface conducts heat well, but may be hard to clean and can scratch easily. It may become sticky after many uses, causing wrinkles instead of gliding smoothly over fabrics.

Ceramic soleplate

This soleplate surface offers a high-quality ironing experience. Ceramic soleplates feature a durable, nonstick surface while distribuing steam and heat evenly. These soleplates glide over fabric smoothly.

Nonstick soleplate

A soleplate surface that prevents starch residue from building up, making the iron easier to clean. It allows the iron to move smoothly on fabric for top speed and performance.

Stainless steel soleplate

This durable soleplate surface is corrosion, rust and scratch resistant. Highly-polished stainless steel makes ironing even more effortless.

  • Steam: This feature distinguishes an iron from the basic iron. Steam is key to removing tough wrinkles from clothes, which can save you time and frustration.
  • Vertical steam: Vertical steam irons offer the benefits of a standard steam iron, but also offer a quick and convenient solutino to smoothing hanging clothes and draped, and reducing musty odors.
  • Wattage: Higher iron wattage reduces heat-up time and may increase performance.

How to Clean an Iron

It feels nice to take good care of your clothes, and ironing is an important part of that process. Along with washing and drying, ironing your clothing helps ensure that you walk out of the door looking and feeling your best. However, completing this household chore can be tricky if your iron isn't clean. Luckily, cleaning an iron is a pretty simple task, and Kohl's is here to help you along the way. Check out our article on how clean an iron for our best tips and tricks today!

Tips for Cleaning Your Iron

  1. Body and soleplate: Begin by cleaning the body and soleplate of the iron. Since starch and sizing products can leave residue on the iron, it is important to clean the body and soleplate regularly. You can do this by using a soft, damp cloth to wipe the iron clean. Do not use any household cleaners, solvents or harsh abrasives, as these items could potentially damage the iron. You can also purchase quality soleplate cleaners designed for this specific purpose.
  2. Steam chambers: Next, move on to cleaning the iron's steam chambers. Start by placing the iron upright and inspecting the steam ducts. If there is residue, use a toothbrush or toothpick to clean away any white residue or buildup. Never use anything sharp, as this could damage the iron. In addition, most steam irons have a self-cleaning feature. Please refer to your instruction manual for proper guidance. Recommended self-cleaning frequency is at least once a year, and no more than once a month.
  3. Minimize leaking: Leaking is often a sign that your iron is in need of a cleaning. However, if you still notice leaking after a thorough cleaning, there are some other ways to address the problem. First, try emptying the water chamber. This will help prevent dripping during your next use. Another option is to turn up the heat. Increasing the temperature will help evaporate any remaining moisture and reduce deposits on the soleplate. Just be sure not to turn up the heat high enough to where it could damage your clothing.

We hope you found our tips on how to clean an iron helpful. Now that your iron is clean why not upgrade to a new ironing board or cover? Or, maybe the prospect of regular cleaning has you considering an alternative to ironing. Look no further than our collection of clothes and garment steamers. More home improvement projects on your list? Check out our selection of cleaning supplies and storage solutions to help you clean more efficiently and stay organized. And if you're interested in shopping for a new iron, Kohl's offers a wide selection for you to explore!