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    Food Network™ Adjustable Dish Rack

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    Farberware® 3-pc. Dish Rack with Sink Brush

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    Joseph Joseph Surface Stainless Steel Sink Tidy

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    OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Sinkware Caddy

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    Joseph Joseph Extend Expandable Dish Rack

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    In-Sink Dish Rack

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    Joseph Joseph Sink Saver

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    Squish Collapsible Dish Rack

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    OXO® Good Grips® Folding Stainless Steel Dish Rack

  • Reg. $15.99

    Spectrum Cora Soap Pump Dispenser

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    Closetmaid Economical 8" Wide Over the Sink Steel Dish Draining Solution, White

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    Joseph Joseph Surface Stainless Steel Compact Sink Tidy

  • Reg. $14.99

    Joseph Joseph Sink Caddy

  • sale $18.74
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    Joseph Joseph Small Flume

  • Reg. $14.99

    Joseph Joseph Sink Aid

  • Reg. $59.99

    KitchenAid KE895BX Compact Stainless Steel Dish Rack

  • Reg. $89.99

    KitchenAid KE896BX Full-Size Expandable Dish-Drying Rack

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    OXO Good Grips Aluminum Frame Dish Rack

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    OXO Good Grips Foldaway Dish Rack

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    KitchenAid KE197OSGR Compact Dish Rack

Dish Racks, Sink Racks & More

When it’s time to clean up your culinary masterpiece, you're sure to find the perfect dish rack with our range of kitchen accessories. As with many things in life, having great organization will save you time, energy, and sanity! The kitchen is no different. Cooking and baking will be more enjoyable and less of a chore when you have both easily accessible utensils and an organized workspace. Kohl's has everything you need to create an organized and efficient kitchen!

Dish Racks & Other Essential Accessories

The most basic tip is to simply ensure all of your utensils, bowls, pots, and pans are clean and dry when you need them. That way you don't have to make substitutes for the right tools. Accessories for the kitchen sink, like racks and mats for drying dishes, are a godsend if you don't have a dishwasher. If your load inevitably becomes a bit more than your dish rack can handle, try using a drying mat for kitchen dishes. Frequently-used items, like paper towels or your jar of utensils, should be kept close to where you typically need them. Having a designated place for everything will keep an efficient flow to your mealtime preparation.

Different Types of Dish Racks

Aluminum Frame Dish Rack

Featuring an adjustable drain tray, you can air-dry your dishes with this dish rack. The unique plate holders hold plates and bowls upright while the open design allows for large items or stacking. The divided utensil cup accommodates long-handled tools and is removable for easy unloading.

Collapsible Dish Rack

You’ll enjoy ample space for drying dishes with this collapsible dish rack. The drainboard catches excess water and it’s adjustable, so you can drain from either side. Not to mention, it features a removable utensil holder and collapses for easy storage.

Joseph Joseph Small Flume

You’ll drain a variety of items with this Joseph Joseph small flume. The parallel ribs prevent water from being trapped while the flume naturally folds, allowing water to gently pour away. The flatter surface design of it makes draining glassware even easier.

Additional Kitchen & Dining Essentials

Searching for the perfect pot for pasta? Looking for a baking sheet worthy of those chocolate chip cookies you make that are the envy of everyone at the office? Dreaming of that gorgeous salad bowl to act as the centerpiece of your dinner table - stuffed full of freshly washed, delicious greens? Well, the search is over because it's easy to cook up and serve the meals you know you were made to make with all of the kitchenware and dinnerware available at Kohl's.

Whether you're looking for pots and pans or small appliances that'll help you make the dishes that define your family's roots, it's easy to find the items you need to create sumptuous sandwiches or complex rouxs and root-based soups. From the whimsical to the functional, the traditional to the modern, it is easy to find everything your kitchen needs to make every meal your tastebuds crave.

Kohl's has the best stove and sink accessories to get your kitchen organized. Shop Kohl's today!