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Crepe Makers

Create delicious crepes with a handy kitchen crepe maker for your home, found in the assortment of small appliances at Kohl’s! A crepe is more-or-less a pancake that's been thinned out more than your standard flapjack, and is either stuffed or folded and features savory or sweet fillings and toppings. Having a crepe maker in your kitchen allows you to whip these treats up with ease, and keep your crew satisfied by offering yummy dishes they’ll love.

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Features of a Crepe Maker

A standalone crepe maker is ideal if you and your family love the dish and make crepes quite often. The crepe makers available at Kohl’s come with tools you need to create the perfect crepe, like a batter spreader and a spatula.

Crepe makers are also very versatile tools that don’t just work at making crepes! You can use the cooking surface of a crepe maker as a breakfast griddle that’s perfect for making eggs, bacon, pancakes, blintzes, and a wide variety of breakfast foods that get your day started right!

Other features that ensure safe, long-lasting use are multiple temperature settings that allow for the perfect amount of heat, a stable base that keeps the crepe maker level and secure, an indicator light that lets you know when the plate has reached the right temperature, and a nonstick surface that is easy to cook on and even easier to clean.

Shop Kohl’s for all your kitchen needs, including small appliances like crepe makers! With the right tools to create delicious treats and meals, the assortment of cooking items at Kohl’s is sure to be your first, last, and only place to shop for kitchen must-haves!