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    Baby Girl Columbia Hooded Bunting

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    Baby Boy Nike Hooded Puffer Snowsuit Coverall

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Snowsuits for Babies

When the snow falls and coats the ground outside in a glistening blanket, you're probably excited to share this magical joy of winter weather with your little one.That's why Kohl's has an amazing assortment of baby snowsuits so you can experience "baby's first snow" comfortably!

Infant snowsuits are perfect for keeping your little one warm when enjoying the outdoors in cold weather. Babies, as they're still developing, can have difficultly regulating their body temperature and may not be able to tolerate extreme weather like adults. There are a couple good guidelines to follow. One is to limit their time outside. The other is to have one additional layer of clothing than the parent. That's why a snowsuit over their winter weather clothing is ideal. Mittens, boots, and hats are other great essentials to have on hand when the weather gets brisk. Whether you are looking for a baby girl snowsuit, a baby boy snowsuit, or a toddler snowsuit, we have one to fit your needs.

Let Kohl's be your destination for the best assortment of snowsuits for babies!