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    Juniors' Three Pink Hearts Sequin Mini Dress

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    Juniors' Three Pink Hearts Sequin Mini Dress

Beautiful Sequin Mini Dresses

Get ready to experience extremely comfortable and trendy women's dresses from Kohl's! We have a wide variety of styles that will help you look and feel your best for every occasion. You can expect endless compliments when you wear beautiful sequin mini dresses. When you’re ready to shimmer and shine with the dazzling style of a sequin mini dress, you’ll find a dress for a variety of events. Whether you’re headed to a party, prom, or an evening out, you’ll be dressed to impress everywhere you go.

What to Wear with Your Sequin Mini Dress

Shoes and accessories tie your outfit together and complete your fashion ensemble. But with so many shoe styles available, it can be hard narrowing down your options to find the best match for your dress.

Generally speaking, heels or wedges make any dress look more formal. While wedges are typically more of a spring and summer trend, they're still a comfortable alternative to heels. Are you going for a casual look? Consider casual sandals or fashion sneakers for a more sporty look when you meet up with friends. And when it comes time for the autumn and winter seasons, take your look to a whole new level with a pair of boots.

Accessories such as handbags and purses, as well as jewelry, help create a robust outfit. Not only are accessories great for adding details that transform an ensemble, but they offer an additional opportunity to express yourself.

Additional Trendy Styles to Add to Your Wardrobe

Once you’ve found the perfect sequin mini dress for your chic ensemble, be sure to check out other trendy styles for your wardrobe.

Women’s Mockneck Sweaters

Looking for long, fall sweaters? Kohl’s has a wide assortment of cute and cozy mockneck sweaters for women. This functional and extremely voguish style is a classic addition to your cold-weather wardrobe for a dressed-down or formal look. Mocknecks are a prime choice for chilly winter mornings and cool fall afternoons. If you ever find yourself running behind schedule in the morning or stressed about what to wear, mocknecks are a functional top ideal for a variety of occasions and events.

Women’s Wide Leg Jeans

No wardrobe is complete without a trusted pair of women’s wide leg jeans. This timeless cut features a straight fit through the rear and thighs with a slight flare at the leg opening, which balances your proportions and lengthens the look of your legs. Wide leg jeans offer unmatched versatility, and you can pair them with just about any top in your wardrobe. No matter if you’re heading to work, happy hour or Sunday brunch with friends, a solid pair of women’s wide leg jeans are sure to travel along with you!

Women’s Balloon Sleeve Tops

Not to be confused with flounce or ruffle sleeves, balloon sleeve tops are all about extra puff and volume but with a fitted cuff. This style adds a nice touch of drama that’s both practical and flattering. Long sleeve balloon tops can help balance out your bottom curves or draw attention to your upper body. Conversely, short sleeve puff sleeves amp up your proportions for unique styling. No matter which length you choose, you’re sure to achieve a freshly feminine look.

Women’s Cropped Tees

Women’s crop tops will give any outfit some warm-weather style. Crop tops are cut short at the bottom hem, keeping part of the midriff exposed. This style is great for hitting the beach, summer parties, and a variety of other fun occasions. Crop tops are generally worn with high-waisted bottoms or leggings. With a few simple accessories like a baseball cap or sunglasses, you’re dressed for a casual day of running errands or a light jog around the neighborhood. Alternatively, jeans or a denim skirt will work for a look that’s still casual but not as sporty. 

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