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Women’s Clear Heels

Are you looking to keep your style simple and chic this season? If there’s one thing to be clear about, it’s that every woman needs at least one pair of fashionable heels in her closet. Well, there’s no better way to achieve unmatched style and sophistication than with clear heels for women! Perspex heels are a hot trend that you’ll want to join in on right away. At Kohl’s, you’re sure to discover the perfect pair of clear heels, sandals, or pumps to match a variety of outfits. Shop today to find everything you need to create a look that’s uniquely yours!

What Makes Clear Heels Special?

Clear heels are the ultimate versatile shoe, so you'll no longer need to worry about your outfit matching because they go with just about everything. Whether you pair your heels with your favorite pair of skinny jeans or an elegant dress on a night out - perspex heels will look fierce with just about any outfit. You’ll even feel empowered to wear them to the office. After browsing our women’s office attire to find your ideal power suit, you’ll be dressed to impress everywhere you go.

What’s the Difference Between High Heels & Pumps?

High heels are a modern type of footwear used to elevate your height. Shorter women may find high heels beneficial for adding anywhere from 2-8 inches to their height. Heels typically consist of a pointed heel that raises the heel significantly higher than the hoes. In addition to increasing the height of the wearer, heels make legs appear longer, toned, and more slender. High heel shoes also come in various styles. Any shoe style whether they're sandals, pumps, or boots, can qualify as high heels. And due to their different designs that include buckles, laces, and straps, they're a great choice for occasions such as weddings and parties.

Despite their similarity to heels, pumps are closed-toe shoes that are more formal. They're also easier to put on and take off than high heels with buckles or straps. Unlike high heels that are ideal for shorter women, pumps are a good choice for everyone regardless of their height. Pumps are also good for casual wear to create a more laid back look. Another key difference between the two shoes is that pumps have more space for the foot. This makes it a more comfortable choice, especially when worn a full day at the office.

Additional Footwear Styles for Your Closet

Step out in style with women's shoes from Kohl's. No matter which style of footwear you prefer, we have them all. Revamp your casual shoe collection with high tops and sneakers, as well as sandals for warm weather and ankle boots for cooler temperatures. Be ready for that interview or big meeting with the perfect pair of comfortable and stylish high heels. And don't forget that wedding coming up: find your ideal pair of stilettos or wedges. Cover all the gaps in your shoe collection with Kohl's selection of quality shoes from the brands you know and love, including Vans, LC Lauren Conrad, and Nike.

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