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Clear Backpacks

A backpack is a great tool for taking all your essential items with you as you go about your day. Whether you’re a student taking your books from your locker to class, or an attendee of a large event where security needs to check the items you carry with you, a clear backpack can make it easy for you to stay organized and get to where you’re going with ease.

Clear backpacks provide all the features needed for the wearer to successfully get through security lines with ease. With many different styles and brands to choose from, you’ll be prepared as best as you can with a clear backpack from Kohl’s!

Benefits of a Clear Backpack

Clear backpacks are mainly designed to allow the contents of the bag to be seen. This means that security at large events, schools, and other places is able to quickly see what items are being brought into a location.

And even though the appearance of clear backpacks might be different than traditional book bags, they still offer the same features! From zippered pockets to comfortable shoulder straps, clear backpacks provide the same functionality as any other bag.

You can also find clear backpacks from name brands you know and trust. With athletic options from adidas, to durable clear outdoor backpack options from High Sierra, our assortment is full of choices that will suit your needs. And you can even find sports fan clear backpacks that feature your favorite team’s official logos and colors!

Other Backpacks and Bags for Everyday Use

Kohl’s also offer plenty of other backpack options that offer storage convenience as you go about your daily activities.

Some backpacks feature dedicated laptop sleeves or interior pockets. These laptop bags provide additional protection for your important electronic devices. If the bag is ever dropped or falls off a higher surface, these sleeves or pockets can cushion the fall.

For a lightweight carry option, a drawstring backpack is just what you’re looking for. The durable, yet lightweight fabric construction makes carrying a breeze, while the interior pouch and additional side pockets store all your items securely. These bags are perfect for any quick trip to the gym or store, and are also great when going to events that may have a size limitation on bags that can be allowed in, like a concert or sporting event.

Some backpack options feature fabric technology that resists moisture, keeping the contents of your backpack dry and secure. This is a must-have for those who crave the outdoors, or are just looking for an added layer of protection from the elements.

Make Kohl’s your destination for backpacks and all other essential back to school gear. With a clear backpack, you or your young student is prepared to comply with rules and regulations required for attending school, sporting events, theme parks, or other places that have carry-in restrictions.