Healthy Living Starts Here

It's a movement to get moving. To be healthy.
To be active. And most importantly, to be well.
Because wellness isn't just a state of being, it's
a state of mind. So go ahead, today's the day.

These wear-everywhere styles keep up with even your busiest days.

Let a few of our healthy-living experts inspire you as you get started...


"Enlisting friends to work out
with you is the best way to
keep you accountable and to
keep things fun."

Karena Dawn & Katrina Scott

Certified personal trainers, nutritional coaches and founders of the fitness & lifestyle brand Tone It Up.


"When it comes to healthy
eating, a blender is a must-have
for making breakfast smoothies,
salad dressing and sauces. The
possibilities are endless!"

Kevin Curry

Fitness and nutrition enthusiast and
founder of the healthy eating blog
Fit Men Cook.


"Start off small and don't
change too many things at once.
Set yourself up for success. For
instance, switch out one
bad thing in your diet for a
healthy alternative."

Bob Harper

Health and fitness expert, author and host of NBC's The Biggest Loser.


"Don't let the fear of just starting
out intimidate you from being a
runner. Sign up for a small race to
hold yourself accountable and
then work your way up...
eventually you may be crushing
a full marathon!"

Jordan Younger

The blogger behind The Balanced Blonde, creator of TBB Apparel and author of Breaking Vegan.


"Going on a walk or hike gives
you the perfect opportunity to
take in the beautiful views and
snap a few photos."

Alicia Archer

Fitness instructor with a background
in dance and expertise in
body-weight training.


"Make your room a sacred
sanctuary for sleep. One hour
before sleep, have a ritual to
wind down. Put your phone on
airplane mode so you can start
to check in with yourself, not
the outside world."

Sophie Jaffe

Raw food chef, yoga teacher and founder of the wellness brand Philosophie.

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