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The Voice




Looking to make a statment for the holidays? Go for grommets, studs, sequins and sparkle.
A little extra bling really lets you shine—and that's always in style!

about the STYLISTS

Stylists Erin Hirsh and Joleen Garnett are all about helping The Voice contestants channel their inner artists—through their wardrobes! Whether it's R&B or country, each contestant's music genre and personality shine through in stage-worthy style.

The Voice

Kohl's is partnering with NBC’s The Voice! For the following 10 weeks, style vignettes will be airing during the show featuring Kohl’s outfits and merchandise. Watch Kohl's stylists work with contestants on Style Battles, Styling Sessions and more! If you liked what you saw, you can shop the looks right here! Find the fashion, jewelry and accessories that caught your eye on The Voice and buy the pieces you love online at

Take a closer look at that jacket, blouse, sweater or jeans to decide whether you’d like to add it to your wardrobe. Check out new outfits for the kids, maybe in patterns and colors you might not have thought to look for. Get inspiration from the great shoes, scarves, leggings and more featured on The Voice contestants. If you were inspired by one of our vignettes on NBC’s The Voice, be sure to keep watching for more outfits, then check back on, where you can shop great looks for you and your family.