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Types of Grills


Gas Grills, Charcoal Grills & Electric Grills

Gas grills feature quick start-up and easily adjustable temperatures, but many will argue that nothing beats the flavor from charcoal grilling. Electric grills can be convenient options for smaller spaces, but usually require a nearby outlet for operation. Run through our quick list of pros and cons to find out what type of grill suits your needs.

Charcoal Grills
Authentic smoky flavor

Longer heat-up
High heat is great for searing
Less accurate temperature control
Easily portable
Charcoal can be costly

Gas Grills
Fast heat-up

Loss of authentic smoky flavor
Precise temperature control
Typically more expensive
Easy to use and clean
Larger, more elaborate models aren't easily portable
Electric Grills
Compact size is great for small areas
Must be near an outlet for cooking
Does not require expensive charcoal or gas
Loss of authentic smoky flavor
Easy start up with easily adjustable temperatures
Radiant heat doesn't allow for searing

Still undecided? Many other factors can contribute to your decision to go gas, charcoal or electric, including space limitations and climate.

  • For apartment patios or small yards, shop for a variety of space-saving grills.
  • For all-season grilling in colder climates, keep your grill protected with a durable waterproof grill cover. Gas grills are ideal for cold-weather cooking.
  • When outdoor grilling isn't an option, consider indoor electric grills, raclettes or oven smokers.
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