Make the most of your place (and your budget).


Make the most of your
place (and your budget).

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The Bedroom

With chic (and
sensible) choices
create a calm and
restful sanctuary
from day to night.

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Sheer curtains in a
neutral color offer
privacy while they let
in the sunlight.

The Kitchen

Whip up something
special in the room
considered the heart
of the home.

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Compact appliances
require less space than
their full-size

The Bathroom

Bring out the best of
this often-overlooked
room with colors and
patterns you love.

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Vertical shelving
provides extra
storage when closet
space is at a premium.

The Living Room

Show the hub of your
home a little love with
a balanced approach
to style and strategy.

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A neutral color
palette (with
thoughtful pops of
color) creates a
cohesive look.

The Office

Create a workspace
that doesn't sacrifice
style or function.

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A bookshelf can
double as a storage
nook and workstation.

The Dining Area

Entertain in style
with a festive table
setting that's fit for
a fete.

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Dining chairs can
double in the living
room as extra seating
for unexpected guests.

Small Space Style for Apartment Living

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