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Between November 28 and Christmas Eve, a new dream receipt was awarded in every store and online!

Customers could upload a pic of their receipt with #InstaDream for a chance to win a $100 Kohl's Gift Card.

Over 12,000 dream receipts were awarded on Black Friday!

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  • Trish L.

  • Bought all new items for
    her brother's house that recently burned down.

  • $1,131.29
  • Dec. 7
  • Leigh E.

  • Bought for a family that
    just lost their mother.

  • $677.73
  • Nov. 28
  • Mark S.

  • Bought for two
    sponsored families.

  • $268.23
  • Dec. 16
  • Kari G.

  • Bought for needy children.

  • $197.67
  • Dec. 11
  • Lottie J.

  • Bought for a needy
    family at church.

  • $159.61
  • Dec. 20
  • Angelena H.

  • After being recently deployed, shopped with her daugthers for their first Black Friday.

  • $427.06
  • Nov. 28
  • Linda S.

  • After Hurricane Sandy damages, redecorated their house for Christmas.

  • $361.70
  • Dec. 22
  • Matt C.

  • Bought an
    engagement ring.

  • $2097.19
  • Dec. 9
  • Ashley E.

  • Bought a wedding ring.

  • $1463.76
  • Nov. 28

Dream Receipt

Each holiday season, Kohl's adds a little more excitement to your shopping experience with the Dream Receipt holiday sweepstakes! Have you ever stood in line wishing someone else could pay the tab? The lucky winders of a Dream Receipt will get just that!

Between Black Friday and Christmas Eve, lucky customers at Kohl's stores around the country — and on Kohls.com — will have their entire purchases paid for.

Whether you're shopping for cookware, home decor, or scarves, join the checkout lines at a Kohl's store or fill up an online shopping cart to win! Enjoy the spirit of the season all the more with Kohl's holiday sweepstakes: in every store, every day, someone will have their bill paid for as part of the Dream Receipt holiday sweepstakes. Make sure to join the conversation on Twitter using #DreamReceipt.