Start with the basics to build the bed of your dreams.


The right pillow provides customized support and promotes your most natural sleep position.

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Mattress Toppers

Mattress toppers provide a cost-effective alternative to investing in an entire mattress.

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Mattress Pads & Protectors

Extend the life of your mattress with a pad, protector or combination of the two.

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Comforters provide the warmth you need for your most restful night's sleep.

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Blankets offer varied levels of warmth and comfort based on their fabrics and features.

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Bedding Guide
Thread Count

Why threads count

Sheet thread count is how many threads are in a square inch of fabric. Sheets with higher thread counts use finer threads and typically offer a smoother, denser feel.

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Sheet Bed Fitting

The perfect fit

Sheets should fit snug to your mattress. For the best fit, simply know your mattress's dimensions, and keep in mind that standard sheet sizes can vary slightly by brand.

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Mattress depths range from 7 to 20 inches. When measuring, include any toppers, pads or protectors. If it's greater than 18 inches, consider deep pocket sheets.

deep-pockets sheets
Wrinkle-resistant sheets

Crisp and clean

For easy care and an ultra-fresh look, try sheets that don't wrinkle, even after washing.

wrinkle-resistant sheets
Fabric & Construction
Cotton Sheets


The most popular choice, cotton is soft, breathable and durable. Cotton blends are wrinkle-resistant and slightly less breathable, and some variations, like Egyptian cotton, offer superior quality.

cotton sheets
Flannel Sheets


Flannel is a woven fabric, typically made of cotton and vigorously brushed to produce a super-soft nap on one or both sides. It is breathable, durable and preferred in cooler climates for supreme warmth.

flannel sheets
Microfiber Sheets


Microfiber is made of tightly woven synthetic fibers to offer an ultra-soft finish and wrinkle resistance. Fibers can be combined specifically to offer added features like allergen or water resistance.

microfiber sheets
Percale Sheets


Percale is any lightweight, closely woven fabric or fabric blend. Because percale sheets have a noticeably tighter weave than standard sheets, they offer a cooler, crisper feel.

percale sheets
Polyester Sheets


The most common synthetic fiber used in sheets, polyester is wrinkle-resistant and durable, yet less breathable than cotton.

polyester sheets
Sateen Sheets


Sateen is a weaving technique that uses cotton yarns to produce a remarkably soft, smooth and lustrous finish that resembles the look and feel of satin.

sateen sheets
Women Sleeping with Pillow
Pillow Side Sleeper

Side Sleeper

Side sleepers need a firm to extra-firm style to fill in the space between the ear and outside shoulder. This provides neck support while maintaining proper spine alignment.

side-sleeper pillows
Pillow Back Sleeper

Back Sleeper

Back sleepers need extra head, neck and shoulder support without bulkiness to avoid straining the neck forward. Choose a thinner, firm to extra-firm style.

back-sleeper pillows
Pillow Stomach Sleeper

Stomach Sleeper

Stomach sleepers should avoid bulky pillows, opting instead for a thinner, tapered style that is medium-firm to firm.

stomach-sleeper pillows
Down & Feather Pillow

Down and Feather

Down and feathers are natural fills that offer superior loft, softness and breathability. Down and feather pillows conform to your head and neck to provide support, and hold up better than their synthetic alternative.

down and feather pillows
Down-Alternative Pillow


Filled with synthetic fibers, down-alternative pillows offer loft and softness, and are a great option for allergy sufferers.

down-alternative pillows
Memory Foam Pillow

Memory Foam

Memory foam is a unique sponge-like material that softens in response to body heat and pressure. Memory foam pillows contour to the head and neck to provide customized comfort and support.

memory foam pillows
Pillow Covers & Protectors

Covers & Protectors

Extend the life of your pillow and shield it from dirt, allergens, moisture and more.

pillow covers and protectors
Toppers, Pads & Protectors
Mattress Toppers

Mattress Toppers

Mattress toppers can be added to any mattress for an extra layer of customized support and luxurious comfort. Toppers vary by thickness, fabric and fill type, and cater to different needs including pressure-point relief, temperature control, allergen resistance and more.

mattress toppers
Mattress Pads

Mattress Pads

Mattress pads fit snug to your mattress to add an extra layer of softness, comfort and support as well as light protection. Most pads are made of cotton or polyester, and some include added features such as down or foam fill, temperature control, waterproofing and more.

mattress pads
Mattress Protectors

Mattress Protectors

Mattress protectors fit snug to your mattress to shield it from dirt, allergens, moisture, spills and nightly wear.

mattress protectors
Down comforter


Filled with natural fibers, down comforters offer superior loft, warmth and breathability. They also tend to be lighter than their synthetic alternatives.

down comforters
Down-alternative comforter


Filled with synthetic fibers, down-alternative comforters offer loft and warmth comparable to down comforters and are a great option for allergy sufferers.

down-alternative comforters
Duvet Cover

Duvet Covers

Duvet covers offer a stylish way to protect your comforter from dirt, dust and wear. They're easy to remove and change out with new styles, and most are machine washable.

duvet covers
Plush blanket


Plush offers a feeling of cozy luxury with superior softness and ultra-lightweight warmth.

plush blankets
Fleece blanket


Fleece is soft, ultra-warm and lightweight. Because fleece is low-pilling, it maintains a like-new look longer.

fleece blankets
Cotton blanket


Cotton is soft, durable and offers superior breathability. It can withstand repeated washes and general wear-and-tear making it a popular choice.

cotton blankets
Heated blanket


Safe and extra cozy, heated or electric blankets have an integrated electrical heating device that adjusts to provide customized warmth levels.

heated blankets
Memory Foam
Memory Foam topper

Available in pillows, mattress toppers and more, memory foam is a unique sponge-like material that softens in response to body heat and pressure, contouring to the body to provide a more customized sleep experience.

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Bedding Basics

Enjoy soft and stylish bedding from Kohl's. Whether you're putting together a guest room, upgrading the kids to bigger beds or simply redecorating, Kohl's has the styles and variety you need to create a cozy, comfortable bedroom. Sheets, duvet covers, pillows, comforters and more come in resilient fabrics for every season and offer colors and styles to make any bedroom a relaxing retreat.

Discover soft and environmentally friendly cotton, a classic, low maintenance bedding material that will breathe at night. Or, stock up on flannel for the colder months; this soft-brushed cotton retains heat better than flat-weave cotton and makes for cozy nights. Percale is another great bedding option; the silky flat weave offers durability and resilience as well as cool comfort on warm nights.

Add extra softness to your bed with cushioned memory foam mattress toppers or extra protection with a waterproof mattress pad. These bedding necessities can extend the life of your mattress as well as eliminate tossing and turning, allowing for more peaceful nights.

Spruce up bedrooms with fresh new sheets and comforters or explore bedding sets for a pulled-together look. Don't forget to measure your mattress to be sure you're buying the right size and depth of sheets. Sleep more soundly with the perfect pillows and enliven bedding with a few bright throw pillows. Prepare snug and cheerful cribs and bassinets for new additions to the family with baby bedding.

You spend a lot of time asleep — that's why time and care is spent making Kohl's bedding both fashionable and comfy.