• How To: Creating Two Looks Using the New PRO Palette 2 with LORAC

    Armed with the second edition of her 16-shade eyeshadow palette, Carol Shaw creates matte and shimmer eye looks using her PRO Palette 2.

    • Tip
    • Neon Nails
      Sugar Rush

      1. 1. Start with a thin layer of essie base coat.
      2. 2. Apply two coats of essie topless & barefoot and allow to dry.
      3. 3. Use a nail art detailing brush to outline your entire nail with a thin stroke of essie too taboo.
      4. 4. Seal with a thin layer of essie top coat.
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    • Tip
    • Neon Nails
      Color Fetish

      1. 1. Start with a thin layer of essie base coat.
      2. 2. Apply two coats of essie spin the bottle and allow to dry.
      3. 3. Using one continuous stroke from left to right, apply essie vices versa on the tip of your nail. Add a second coat for full coverage.
      4. 4. Using a nail art detailing brush, apply a thin line of essie i'm addicted on the very tip of each nail.
      5. 5. Seal with a thin layer of essie top coat.
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    • Tip
    • Neon Nails
      Gossip Talk

      1. 1. Start with a thin layer of essie base coat.
      2. 2. Apply one coat of essie blanc and allow to dry.
      3. 3. Apply two coats of essie sittin' pretty and allow to dry.
      4. 4. Apply essie chills & thrills at an angle from the cuticle to the edge of your nail tip. Apply another angled stroke from the other side of your nail, overlapping your first stroke to create a "V" shape.
      5. 5. Seal with a thin layer of essie top coat.
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    • Tip
    • Read My Lips.
      What Does Your Lipstick Say About Your Personality?

      1. If its slant follows your lip's curve, you're...
      2. • a rule follower
      3. • somewhat reserved
      4. • drawn to structure
      5. If it's got a rounded tip with a pointed center, you're...
      6. • a lovable person
      7. • family-oriented
      8. • stubborn over little things
      9. If it's got a round, smooth tip, you're...
      10. • a peacemaker
      11. • even-tempered
      12. • generous toward others
      13. If it's sharp-angled with a curved tip, you're...
      14. • an attention seeker
      15. • creative
      16. • quick to fall in love
      17. If it's got a flat, even top, you're...
      18. • a practical person
      19. • dependable
      20. • careful about your appearance
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  • About: Killer Queen Fragrance
    with Katy Perry

    By royal decree, it's time to ditch authority and rule your own queendom! Check out the liberating Killer Queen, a new fragrance for women by music superstar Katy Perry.

  • How To: Creating Carol Shaw's Favorite Look with LORAC

    Watch as LORAC founder Carol Shaw uses her Pocket PRO Palette to create a gorgeous smoky eye and defined brow—with just three of her favorite eyeshadow shades!

  • About: SummerGLO Eyeshadow Palette with LORAC

    Behind the scenes at LORAC's Summer 2014 shoot, Carol Shaw uses the limited edition SummerGLO eyeshadow palette to bring the season's brightest shades to life.

  • How To: Using the PRO To Go Palette with LORAC

    Two looks, one palette! Watch as Carol uses the PRO To Go palette's eyeshadows, blush and bronzer to transition this look from everyday chic to date-night dramatic.

  • About: POREfection Primer,
    Foundation & Powder
    with LORAC

    Worn alone or together, LORAC's POREfection primer, foundation and baked powder let you create a flawless, natural look without irritating your skin.

  • About: Our Moment Fragrance
    with One Direction

    Check out One Direction's new kind of collaboration: Our Moment, the band's debut fragrance for women. Get a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of this refreshing, uplifting scent.

  • About: Miracle Complexion Sponge
    with Real Techniques

    Your best blend ever! Watch as Sam at Real Techniques shows you how this multi-angle application sponge helps apply foundation, concealer, blush and powder.

  • How To: Creating a Job Interview Look with Real Techniques

    Time to put your best foot forward! Sam at Real Techniques shows you how to create a light, pretty look that's sure to make a great impression.

  • About: Farm to Jar Bordeaux Wine Extract Collection with Pür Minerals

    Infused with natural Bordeaux-region wine grape extract, this Pür Minerals collection introduces anti-aging skincare and bold colors for bright, youthful skin.

    • Tip
    • The Daily Go-To Look
      with Blogger Tanesha Awasthi of "Girl with Curves"

    • There are certain products that help me look and feel my best on days when my energy is low and I haven't gotten much sleep. I've added some new VIPs to my daily face routine I absolutely can't live without these days!

      1. 1. LORAC mascara to make eyes appear more rested than they actually are.
      2. 2. theBalm TimeBalm Anti-Wrinkle concealer to cover sleepless nights and hormonal breakouts.
      3. 3. Jane Cosmetics multicolored powder to bring some color to my tired, often pale face.
      4. 4. theBalm Girls lipstick in a natural tone, to polish off the look.
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  • How To: Creating a Fresh Spring Look
    with CARGO

    Light and bright is the key to this springy look. Watch as Nina at CARGO keeps this look simple and fresh with just eyeshadow, mascara and blush.

  • How To: Refresh with Pronto Invisible Dry Shampoo with Oscar Blandi

    Washing and styling your hair daily is a pain—and might harm it, too! Learn how Oscar Blandi's dry shampoo can help keep your style fresher longer.

  • How To: Contouring Your Cheeks
    with CARGO

    Armed with only bronzer, blush and a trusty brush, Nina at CARGO shows off a tried-and-true technique for contouring your cheeks.

  • About: Cream Blush
    with Pür Minerals

    Both velvety smooth and nourishing, Pür Minerals Cream Blush blends easily for a natural flush or a bold look. Watch the video to learn how to apply.

  • About: FABULOUS, the Debut Fragrance
    with Isaac Mizrahi

    Take a behind-the-scenes peek at the FABULOUS Isaac Mizrahi photo shoot! Just like his apparel collection, this debut fragrance is both fun and sophisticated.

    • Tip
    • The 3-Step Beauty Routine
      with Blogger Laurie Leopold
      of "312 Beauty"

    • I tend to favor the snooze button more than I should, so I've got a quick, no-fail beauty look to fall back on. Arm me with concealer, bronzer and highlighter and I can pretty much do anything.

      1. 1. Reach for a concealer that wears a lot of hats. TheBalm TimeBalm concealer works under eyes and all over on any redness, blemishes or discoloration. I even pat it on my eyelids as a primer.
      2. 2. Strategically place highlighter. One of my standby faves is theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer, which is a seriously pigmented champagne creamy powder. Sweep it on lightly—a little goes a long way—on the cheekbones, in a "C" shape around the outer corners of the eyes, above your lip in the cupid's bow, down the middle of your nose and pressed on the eyelids.
      3. 3. The final step, should you be pressed for time, is to multitask with bronzer on the hollows of your cheekbones, in the crease of your eyelids, along the jawbones and temples. One of the bronzers I like for all-over dusting is Pür Minerals Mineral Glow Powder.
    • Blogger's post was sponsored by Kohl's.

    • Tip
    • Creating Strong Eyebrows
      with Blogger Tammy Gibson
      of "A Mom in Red High Heels"

    • Strong brows, plus bronzed cheeks and nude lips, balance the face and reflect your natural beauty.

      1. 1. Use the LORAC Take A Brow Eyebrow Palette Kit to fill in your brows. The clear brow wax will help keep your hairs in place for a perfectly groomed brow all day long!
      2. 2. Dust on a gorgeous glow with a bronzer like CARGO The Big Bronzer.
      3. 3. Top your look with a barely-there shade. The Pür Minerals Lip Gloss Sticks are amazing! The lip glosses are gluten-free and full of rich emollients and vitamin E to keep your lips moist.
    • Blogger's post was sponsored by Kohl's.

    • Tip
    • Prime Time
      All About Primers

    • Primers act as their name suggests–they prime your skin for the application of makeup!

    • Face primer smooths larger pores, fine lines, wrinkles and other imperfections to create a canvas for your foundation. Some face primers hydrate, control oil or cover redness and discoloration.

      Eye primer preps your eyelids for eyeshadow and eyeliner. It helps shadow adhere better and prevents it from creasing.

      Eyelash primer builds up your lashes so they appear fuller, longer and thicker. It also helps prevent mascara from flaking.

      Lip primer smooths the fine lines in your lips to create a canvas for longer-lasting lipstick.

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  • How To: The Classic Cat Eye Look
    with Pür Minerals

    It's the purr-fect cat eye! Tamra at Pür Minerals shows you how to create this timeless look using the limited-edition Untamed Glamour collection and more.

  • How To: The Colorful Smoky Eye
    with Pür Minerals

    Looking to amp up your evening look? Lynnette at Pür Minerals shows you how to put a spin on the sultry smoky eye using shades of dramatic purple.

  • About: JLove Fragrance
    with Jennifer Lopez

    For her, it's personal. Find out what inspires Jennifer Lopez's fragrances, including her luxurious new scent, JLove, the 20th addition to her fragrance collection.

  • About: 4-in-1 Mineral Tinted Moisturizer
    with Pür Minerals

    When you're short on time, this 4-in-1 multitasking moisturizer has you covered! Watch the video to learn how to apply, too.

    • Tip
    • Magic Makeup
      All About BB & CC Creams

    • BB creams, or beauty balm creams, help to diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and imperfections. CC creams, or color correction creams, help to even out skin tone, reduce discoloration and calm redness.

      Both BB and CC creams are tinted like a foundation to provide coverage and also act as primers if more coverage is desired. Some formulas are also designed to hydrate, control oil, provide SPF protection or contain anti-aging and corrective properties.

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  • How to: Create The Diva Lash
    with real techniques

    Looking to create a fierce cat eye? Watch and learn from Sam at Real Techniques. She completes the entire look to show you how to get a definite diva vibe!

  • How to: The Everyday Eye
    with LORAC

    Nothing beats a simple, natural look. Learn how Carol uses the LORAC PRO palette to create a perfect eye look for everyday wear.

    • Tip
    • Perfectly Polished
      Nail Sticker Application

    • Steps

      1. a. Completely clean and shape nail beds.
      2. b. Peel away stickers and press onto nail, smoothing away air bubbles.
      3. c. File off the excess.
      4. d. Allow stickers to adhere to nails for one hour.
      5. e. For extra shine, apply top coat.
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  • About: Fragrances for Women & Men
    with Adam Levine

    Check out Adam Levine's take on designing his "anti-celebrity" fragrance collection. Bold and unique, alluring and mysterious, experience the fragrance for women and men.

  • How to: Applying Liquid Eyeliner
    with theBalm

    It's tricky, but practice makes perfect! Learn how to master the art of winged eyeliner. It's easy with theBalm's Schwing liquid eyeliner!

    • Tip
    • Take Your Temp
      Warm vs. Cool Colors

    • From eyeshadow to blush and even foundation, the makeup you wear will look best if it complements your skin tone. Read on to see if you have a warm or cool skin tone.

      Warm skin tones have a yellow undertone. Your skin tends to tan, not burn, and you look best in gold-tone jewelry. Look for makeup shades like peachy pinks, oranges and orangey reds.

      Cool skin tones have a pink or blue undertone. Your skin tends to burn first before tanning, and you look best in silver-tone jewelry. Look for makeup shades like rosy pinks, violets and deep reds.

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  • How to: Little Black Dress Makeup
    with Real Techniques

    Heading out on the town? Sam at Real Techniques has the perfect classic-meets-modern look to complement your little black dress.

  • How To: The Smoky Eye
    with LORAC

    Go ahead, be a bit dramatic! Learn how Carol uses the LORAC PRO Palette to create a seductive smoky eye that's a tried-and-true look for celebrity clients.

  • About: Porefection Face Primer
    with LORAC

    LORAC's Porefection Face Primer creates a smooth, flawless canvas for your makeup. Watch the video to learn how to apply, too.

  • How To: Cleaning Makeup Brushes
    with Real Techniques

    Cleaning your makeup brushes is a must. It gets rid of any build-up or bacteria and lengthens the life of your brushes. Sam at Real Techniques shows you how!

  • About: Color Correcting Primer
    with Pür Minerals

    From minimizing redness to mattifying shine, Pür Minerals Color Correcting Primers will prep for foundation based on skin type. Watch the video to learn how to apply, too.

    • Tip
    • Shady Lady
      Pick Your Eyeshadow Shade

    • When it comes to picking eyeshadow shades, think opposite your eye color on the color wheel.

    • Blue eyes pop with warm shades like copper, peach or bronze. Navy and chocolate brown eyeliner aren't as harsh as black, and steely gray makes for a good smoky eye.

      Brown eyes get dramatic with cooler shades like violet and navy, but earth tones make for great everyday colors. Try fun eyeliner colors like aqua or lime to brighten your look.

      Green or hazel eyes brighten up with pink, mauve and plum shades. Plum, dark green and charcoal are great eyeliner picks, while deep plum makes for a good smoky eye.

      Neutral shades like champagne, taupe, charcoal and chocolate work well with any eye color.

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  • How To: Glasses-Perfect Makeup
    with Real Techniques

    Whether you're near-sighted or far-sighted, Sam at Real Techniques has the perfect eye makeup look to wear under your type of glasses.

  • How To: Highlight and Brighten
    with theBalm

    Check out how to get a subtle, sexy glow with theBalm's Mary-Lou Manizer, an eyeshadow, highlighter and shimmer all in one!

  • How To: The Sexy Shimmer Eye
    with LORAC

    Sexy shimmer goes a long way! Learn how Carol uses the LORAC PRO Palette to create a sultry eye look great for date night or an evening out with the girls.

  • About: Mariah Carey Dreams Fragrance
    with Mariah Carey

    From the elegant bottle to the fragrance itself, discover the inspiration behind Mariah Carey's latest fragrance, Dreams, available only at Kohl's and Kohls.com.

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